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We are a husband and wife team who makes all of our products in our solar powered Vermont woodshop. We strive to produce quality products in all aspects. We source as much local lumber as possible, create as little waste as possible, and use finishes that are not harmful to humans or the planet. We also use 100% recycled packaging to ship our items.


Jamie's passion for woodworking and creating things started at a young age but there was a turning point that inspired him to take his woodworking further and share it with others.


Alysia's grandfather dabbled in woodworking back in the 1970's. He had a small shop in which he made tables for his wife and daughter. They were simple shaker style tables but they had a story. These items were all made from a huge cherry tree that fell on his property and he had milled. One day, he mentioned that there was some of the cherry left from that same tree and some tools that Jamie was welcome to have. We needed some new side tables to go with the bed Jamie had just built for us and there happened to be enough of "grandpa's cherry" to make them. Three generations of furniture out of the same tree.


It was all the inspiration Jamie needed to dive into the world of woodworking and develop his skills and share his passion. He hopes to create furniture and crafts that will keep the handcrafted, one of a kind spirit alive in a world of mass production.

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